HRT For Women

How HRT can work for you

Bio-Identical pellet therapy is quickly becoming the most popular form of hormone therapy for women. 

Bio-Identical Testosterone and Estrogen (Bio T & E) hormones are plant-based, natural substances that our bodies can metabolize in the way it was designed to do, minimizing side effects. These compounded bio-identicals can be matched to each woman’s unique needs, something that’s impossible with mass-manufactured products.

Hormone imbalance can begin as early as in our twenties, and becomes more prevalent as we age. Countless women and men have now made the switch to natural bio-identical hormone therapy. These human-identicals have long been preferred for hormone therapy in Japan, France and other European countries. They’ve been the subjects of many research studies on hormone therapy in which significant health benefits have been reported for both women and men. Data also continues to indicate that receiving hormone replacement therapy at the start of menopause can be very important to a woman’s ongoing health.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

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