Meet the Fusion Team

Christopher Maes

Christopher Maes is the owner and founder of Fusion Regenerative Therapies of Orlando, Florida.  Over the course of his 35 plus year career in the medical field, Chris developed a passion for helping others get to the root of their medical and functional problems.  Through his work with clients and his own experiences he learned about better ways to heal the body with the body.  Chris founded this company to help others in a unique way.  

Chris obtained his International Sports Sciences Association Personal Training Certification Master Fitness Trainer in 1988.  He spent 10 years as a personal trainer before continuing his education at Seminole State College where he obtained his B.S. Degree in Diet Therapy in 1997.  Chris went on to obtain an Associate of Applied Science degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Lehigh Carbon Community College in Pennsylvania in 2001.  Chris practiced in the field of physical therapy in multiple settings before continuing his pursuit of further education in 2022 when he obtained The American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners Diplomate Certification.  

Chris has dedicated his career and studies to the pursuit of health and wellness.  He has always enjoyed an active lifestyle including completion of many marathons with his father.  Chris continues to maintain his healthy life with regular strength training and healthy eating habits.  He recently challenged himself and
accomplished a personal goal of competing in his first body building show. 

Christopher Maes loves helping others through education, encouragement and empowerment to make changes for a significant impact in quality of life

Hi, my name is Sandra Zaffuto. I am a nurse practitioner and have been a nurse since 1994. Since the beginning of my career so many things have changed

When I graduated from school with my APRN degree, two years ago, I wasn’t certain of what I wanted from my profession, but I knew it was not in traditional medicine. I value the power of the body to heal itself using natural resources such as PRP, peptides, and hormones for regeneration of damaged tissues related to aging and trauma. Let me help guide you to a drug-free
resolution of your issue to help you achieve the most youthful, re-energized, healthy you.

Shawn St. Marie graduated from New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2009. He completed his Internal Medicine residency in Massachusetts then moved to Orlando to complete specialty training in Neuromuscular Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation.

Afterward, Dr St. Marie was an academic hospitalist in Orlando where he cared for acutely ill hospitalized patients and taught young physicians acute hospital medicine, osteopathic manipulation, and critical care medicine. In 2020, he created Osteopathic Health of Baldwin Park to provide optimal care for those in the local community. “My purpose in life is to help others.  

My experience in the current medical system is that patients are crying out for more compassion, more time with their doctor, and direct modern communication.  Patients want a doctor who genuinely cares and has the skills to help them.  While working in the hospital system, I have cared for many severely ill patients and many patients with severe physical pain.  Many who presented with advanced medical disease and complications that could have been prevented.  Many who have been suffering from years of physical pain or unrelenting problems that the current system didn’t seem to have enough time, devotion, or understanding in order to fix.  

Osteopathic Health of Baldwin Park is my vision to help those who are looking for extraordinary primary care, those suffering in pain,  and those who have been through the entire medical system and their problems remain unsolved or unrelenting.  I promise that I will try my very best to use the knowledge and skills I have learned to help you get to a place of balance, health, and comfort.”

Patricia Shipman

Patricia Shipman is women’s mindset Coach & Consultant.

She guides women in holistically transforming their mindsets by empowering & challenging them to eliminate mental barriers from surviving to thriving in the fullness of their purpose, service, health, and wealth.

HRT Testimonial

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Jane Doe

Medical Weight Loss Testimonial

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John Smith

HGH Therapy Testimonial

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Emma Johnson

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