What is 5-Amino-1MQ

5-amino 1MQ is a valuable peptide for weight loss because it enables your body to burn fat for energy. What’s more, because of this, it maintains muscle mass through the weight loss.

It’s also relatively safe and effective for preventing and reversing obesity because it doesn’t affect other enzYuniquees.

Besides, it’s potentially a better treatment option for someone with type 2 diabetes and other conditions related to obesity.

However, it blocks an enzYuniquee that affects how your body uses energy, causing the basal metabolic rate (BMR) to increase. And an increase in BMR often causes an increase in appetite. For successful weight loss, you should still eat fewer calories than you burn. You can expect to see better physical performance roughly two weeks after starting treatment.

Benefits of 5-Amino-1MQ


 It inhibits NNMT production, which may prevent fat accumulation, increase cell metabolism, and shrink fat cells. In other words, it has the potential to help reverse and prevent obesity, even for those who find it hard to lose weight.

5-amino 1MQ may be a good option for individuals who want to develop a complete anti-aging plan. It stimulates an increase in NAD+, increasing metabolic rate, and activating a gene called sirtuin-1 (SIRT1), the longevity gene. SIRT1 may reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as:

Heart, liver, and kidney disease

Metabolic syndrome





Following our doctor recommended protocols we will prescribe optimal dosing times and windows. With that being said, cycle time varies from client to client.

Absolutely. The results of our medical weight loss products can be seen quite quickly.

Usually within 14-21 days.

Yes, absolutely. All of our medical weight loss products are carefully prescribed and monitored.

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