Thymosin Alpha-1

What is Thymosin Alpha-1?

Thymosin Alpha-1, or TA1 for short, is a vital peptide comprised of 28 amino acids that is naturally produced within the thymus gland. Located between the lungs and behind the sternum, the thymus is responsible for the maturation and release of T-cells, or important immune cells. T-cell production is vital to our health as they are able to detect and destroy foreign invaders.

TA1 has been recognized to have a significant effect towards the immune system, serving a very important role for anyone who may be diagnosed with a depressed immune system or an infection. This vital peptide has been observed to contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can treat tumor growth, enhance vaccine efficacy, and preserve the body against oxidative damage.

Benefits of Thymosin Alpha-1


Peptides have more precise tissue-selecting effects and have more rapid response with less side-effects when compared to hormones.

They have high potency and specificity, but low toxicity.

They have a broad range of targets and can also improve the structure of the cells by improving the availability of cellular material.

We are happy to walk you through our assessment process to fully understand how/if peptide integration is needed for your healing and optimization.

Absolutely. We ensure our doctor prescribed peptides are  completely safe for use.

Every one of our clients reacts positively to our treatment plans. However, the timing in which they experienced the benefits of their therapy does differ. With that being said, most therapies take action quite quickly and strong changes can be seen or felt within the first 3-6 weeks

There are many different methods to provide peptide therapy. Our doctors will be happy to help you find the one that works the best for you.

Much like experiencing the benefits of peptides, this will largely depend on your individual needs. Many peptides can be utilized long term, others can be used in short bursts to achieve ideal results.

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